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How we Work

We transform your challenges into digital solutions

Yularatech stands out for its customized and innovative IT solutions that meet our client’s specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals use a structured and best-practice approach, latest technologies to design, develop, test and implement solutions that suit your business needs.

We pride ourselves on collaborating closely with our client and taking them on the journey. We firstly endeavour to understanding your unique challenges, and then provide practical and affordable solutions.

Professional Services
We can help you bridge the gap for specific expertise, knowledge, best-practices and methodologies

With Yularatech you are assured of industry best-practice and frameworks that work. Our team has been trained to utilise matured processes, like McKinsey’s Lean, BPMN and Business Process Mapping to identify your needs at engagement – which will ensure that our solutions fit your needs without being over-engineered.

Our Professional IT services help businesses overcome specific challenges through a dedicated engagement, such as strategic planning or a specific technical solution

  • Initial analysis and sounding board sessions
  • Solution creation / process / tool re-design and endorsement
  • Change impact analysis and planning
  • Implementation, transition and training
  • Evaluation, measurement and reinforcement
  • Closure report with recommendations
  • Complete in-house framework aligned to industry best practices
  • Extensive staff experience in Tier 1,2 and 3 organisations
  • Multi industry and consulting services experience
  • Scalable templates and best-practices
  • Access to latest technology and current practices
  • Flexible and cost-effective engagements
  • Clear deliverables focused on your needs
  • Trusted Strong Partnerships
Are you struggling to create your next 3 to 5 year IT strategy, or define appropriate frameworks and processes that actually work and reduce effort? We can assist you with our proven and current solutions, that will help you achieve your business commitments in a cost-effective and short engagement. Read more
We are typically seeing organizations implementing processes and templates for project, solution delivery, or IT operations; but struggling with poor results or inefficient tools. Do you see your timelines and costs creeping? We can assist you to tune these processes and tools, as well as train staff in ways to get the most out of your IT delivery. Or we can deliver an end-to-end solution to get you out of trouble. Read more
We regularly see organizations approaching us for after implementing tools or processes that are not working. Did they sound good from the sales team, but a few months later are still not improving anything? We can assist you to fix processes and integrations; or migrate and replace redundant or legacy tools to reduce your costs and data mess. Read more
Do you have project management and solution delivery in place, but are experiencing consecutive period slippages and contigency consumption? We can assist you by impartially inspecting project management, solution delivery practices, and down to application / code quality, frameworks, security, automation and DevOps. Read more
Resource Services
We provide you with scalable off-shore, on-shore and hybrid resources to meet your IT demands

With Yularatech you are assured of great talents off-shore and on-shore while being affordable and of high quality. This is due to the matured process and standards followed by Yularatech.

Teams can be co-located at your premises or at our Bangalore India Office. Our typical recruitment timeframe is under 2 months of end-to-end hire time; and significantly less than local contract rates.

We can place individuals, vertical or horizontal teams, working under your practices or ours.

  • You have complete functional management over your team with our HR support
  • Individual staff and team members can be ramped up and down with 3 weeks' notice
  • All placements have legal and background verifications completed
  • All roles align to industry standards and align skills and experience to the SFIA framework
  • Key HR management is covered for leave, education and performance management
  • All documentation and IP created are yours
  • We do regular in-house checks to ensure best-practices and high quality
  • Training offered to all placements for culture, processes, methodologies and tools
  • We do not charge additional placement fees, burdened costs or replacement re-charges
  • We conduct skills and communications test, as well as on-board resources at no extra costs
  • Leave replacement staff are provided for extended leave, hand-overs are not charged
  • We have a mature handover and documentation process
  • We typically review more than 100 candidates, screen a shortlist for your endorsement to interview
  • We allocation a dedicated account manager for you

Are you struggling to place IT persons with specific skillset, in your budget and timeline?

We can assist you with IT staff augmentation that will help you achieve your commitments and costeffectiveness without impacting quality.

Read more

Do you find that disparate resources and teams are not efficient, or cost-effective?

With our clients, we typically deploy squads that are dedicated, autonomous and agile. They bond as a team, are co-located whenever possible and supported by our best practices and reviews.

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Struggling to find the right talent? Yularatech is here to streamline your recruitment journey.

When positions remain vacant or expansion beckons, our expert team steps in. Elevate your hiring process with Yularatech and welcome top-tier talent effortlessly.

Read more

Unleash the power of exceptional People Operations with Yularatech

Our impeccable processes and seasoned onshore and offshore HR experts combine to offer you unparalleled support

Read more

Support Services
We manage & maintain your applications and platforms, for technical support, monitoring, patching and security

We provide IT support for your applications, cloud and on-premise infrastructure. We offer the plans suited to your business needs and environment. Our services follow industry standard practices and methodologies – and align to ISO. Internally, we align our operation based on the COSO framework, and our IT Support Services with ISO9001 for QA ISO27001 practices.

Our services include application management, network monitoring, system maintenance, data backup and recovery, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. We offer a range of packages that can be customized to meet your specific business needs and goals.

You can benefit from access to the latest technology and expertise without investing in expensive hardware or software. We can also provide you with proactive maintenance and monitoring, which can help prevent downtime and ensure that systems are running smoothly.

Other benefits of IT managed services with us include improved security, reduced risk of data loss, and predictable monthly costs. We can also provide 24/7 support, which can be invaluable in a system outage or other technical issue.

As your trusted MSP partner, our services are cost effective and efficient way for you to leverage technology to drive growth and competitiveness. By partnering with us you can free up resources, reduce risk, and focus on their core business objectives.

We can take care of the entire IT function of your business. This includes the development and implementation of new IT systems, as well as the ongoing maintenance and support of existing systems. Read more
Our Managed IT support involves providing technical assistance to your IT users who encounter issues with the IT systems or applications. We ensure the smooth operation of your company’s IT environment. Read more
We can support your non-core business processes or functions and we take over the responsibility of managing and operating these processes. This can include IT-related functions such as application development, infrastructure management, data centre operations, and support services. With Yularatech you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and allow your team to focus on their core business activities. Read more
We develop in-house applications

We develop custom in-house applications that meet your unique business needs. Our team has extensive experience in developing a range of applications, including security apps and low-code mobile framework apps. We use cutting-edge technologies and best practices to ensure that our applications are reliable, scalable, and secure. Our team also has expertise in integrating applications with existing systems and databases to ensure seamless operation. Contact us to learn how we can help you streamline your business operations with our custom in-house applications.

Our security app provides peace of mind to your business by ensuring that your sensitive data is protected from threats. Our app uses advanced security protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access, malware, and other cyber threats. Read more
A component management solution for modern applications that allows you to rapidly build apps for Android, iOS and Web using our simple browser platform without any programming experience. Read more
Technology Stack
Know our capabilities
At Yularatech, we believe that the right technology stack is essential to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our team of experienced developers, designers, and engineers are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies to ensure that we can provide the best solutions for our clients. Our “Technology Stack” section provides an in-depth look at the tools and technologies we use to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. From programming languages to frameworks, databases to cloud platforms, we rely on a comprehensive set of technologies to help our clients achieve their goals.